The goal of the "Grandpa Jack" organization (organization number 580-366-912) is to provide horseback riding therapy or animal-assisted therapy to children and youth whose parents are unable to afford the costs of therapy.

Many families that deal with raising a child with difficulties or problems – physical, behavioral or emotional – must devote a significant part of the family income to various types of therapy that will advance their child's wellbeing. For many of them, the cost of therapy is an insurmountable barrier.

At the base of our belief is the premise that everyone is entitled to receive the best possible therapy for him even if he cannot afford it. We will never reject a client due to economic factors if we have the ability to help him. Today, more than half of the children and youth who are treated at our Farm receive part or full subsidy.

Support of children, youth and their families is possible thanks to donations. But we are in need of more donations in order to continue supporting these and many other children, who can greatly benefit from therapy. We invite you to "adopt" a child or a youth in need of therapy and to fund for him the costs of therapy. Therapy is expensive and every donation, large or small, is welcome and is appreciated by us, the children and their families.

Examples of costs:
• The cost of riding therapy or animal-assisted therapy for a child is $ 44 for a single treatment, $ 180 per month and $ 2,000 per year.
• The cost of therapy for youth in the Youth Project is $ 4,500 per year or 150,000 NIS for ten youth per year.
• The cost of therapy in a class of children with C. P. is approximately $ 1,060 per month or approximately $ 10,600 for an entire school year,
• The cost of maintaining a horse for riding therapy is approximately $ 400 per month or $ 4,800 per year.
• The costs of purchasing a suitable horse for riding therapy and necessary equipment add up to approximately $ 6,000.

"Grandpa Jack" thanks you for your willingness to contribute to the wellbeing of these children and youth and to be our partners in improving the quality of their lives and in helping them to become integrated in society.

The "Grandpa Jack" organization is recognized as a public institution for the purpose of donations in accordance with Section 46 of the Income Tax Code. The organization is supervised by Ami Abir Accounting Office, KKL 8, Jerusalem, tel. 02-6236740.

Donations can be made as follows:

Checks can be sent to "Grandpa Jack", Kore Hadorot 19, Jerusalem 93387 Israel.
A bank transfer can be transferred to our account: Bank Hapoalim (12), haGan Hatechnologi branch (599), "Grandpa Jack" account number 99011.
Horaat keva (automatic monthly bank account deductions) forms can be sent to our office, Kore Hadorot 19, Jerusalem 93387. To download a PDF "horaat keva" form.
Credit card donations can be made by filling up the Horat Keva form and sending it to the aforementioned address.

Donors may state their preferences:
• Horseback riding therapy for children
• Animal-assisted therapy for children
• The youth project
• Equipment or construction
• General needs at our discretion

Those interested in additional information or in learning about the wide range of projects at the Farm and donating to something close to their hearts can call Dani Bachi at 972- 50-680-1985 and arrange a visit to the Farm.


We are grateful to donors who make our work possible:
• Abraham and Vivian Bejerano Family of London donated the initial sum for the establishment of the farm and assist with periodical donations. The sum was donated through the Jerusalem foundation.
• The Jonas Family Foundation (Howard and Debbie Jonas of New York) pledged for activities, to be divided over a period of ten years. In 2005 the organization changed its name to "Grandpa Jack –Integrative Therapeutic Center", in memory of Jack Bronstein- The grandpa of Howard Jonas.
• The Jerusalem foundation.
• The Dorset Foundation - London.
• The Shoken Foundation - Jerusalem.
• Countless monetary and in-kind donations from generous private donors and companies.