The Farm has a multi-disciplinary staff composed of salaried workers, National Service workers and tens of volunteers. The therapeutic riding is directed by certified therapeutic horseback riding counselors and the animal-assisted therapy is directed by certified therapists in the field. Some of the staff’s therapists hold academic degrees in psychology, social work, education and special education.  The youth program is managed by an education specialist with many years of experience.

In addition to the direct therapists, the Farm is guided by a full time social worker who does the initial intake meetings with the parents, accompanies the process, and meets weekly with each staff member to provide mentorship. There are also weekly enrichment meetings and workshops for the entire staff on translating treatment goals into actual riding programs.  There is also a physiotherapist who is a horseback riding instructor and she focuses on working with the children of severe physical disabilities and providing professional guidance to the rest of the staff.

The work at the Center is based on principles of teamwork, continuous deepening of knowledge and professional development by means of staff meetings, professional training and supervising the development of therapy programs and projects carried out at the Farm.